Brewed By: Brewery Ommegang

- ABV: 8.2% -

- IBU: 20 -

- Alex Rating: 97 -

- Ryan Rating: 92 -

- Taylor Rating: 92 -

- Milana Rating: 96 -

- FDB Rating: 94 -

Ommegang’s first beer, ‘Abbey Ale’ is styled after ‘Dubbels’, previously produced by Trappist monks and is one that Ommegang take a lot of pride in. Abbey Ale is an ale that, according to Ommegang Brewery, “was made to celebrate the many layers of life.” You can expect deep, rich malts with specialty spices. This beer has a dry finish and is also suitable for cellaring, where it would develop caramel, fig, and currant ( which is a small dried fruit made from the seedless variety of grape) notes over time. This is one of the best darker ale’s we’ve tried on the show. Alex thinks it should have been rated higher for what’s it’s worth :) The up-side is that Ommegang is available in 46 out of the 50 states, so if you’re in the US, pop in a beer store and try one (maybe wait ‘till you get home, but ya.)

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