Brewed By: Urban Chestnut Brewing

- ABV: 5.4% -

- IBU: 16 -

- Alex Rating: 78 -

- Ryan Rating: 79 -

- FDB Rating: 79 -

This Pumpkin Ale is far from a Pumpkin Pie, and instead can be described as a spiced chai tea with loads of espresso. Trying to avoid the typically expected, overly sweet pumpkin ales, Urban Chestnut decided to utilize the tastes of coffee, real pumpkin, and warming spices. The brew holds the aroma of cinnamon, nutmeg, hints of charred marshmallow, and of course, pumpkin. Other notable flavors include chocolate, sage, and cola. This full bodied brew finishes with a sharp booziness and the lingering echoes of spice.

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