Brewed By: Trustworthy Brewing Company
(Formerly Verdugo West Brewing Company)

- ABV: 8.0% -

- IBU: 65 -

- Alex Rating: 83 -

- Ryan Rating: 88 -

- Jared Rating: 82

- FDB Rating: 84 -

Trustworthy Brewing Company was launched in 2016 by Brewmaster Chris Walowski. Chris carries many years of brewing experience with him, including work with the notable brewery, Smog City, in Torrance, CA. Chris also has a Master of Science Degree in Biochem from CSU Long Beach, which has only helped develop his brewing knowledge even further. Brass Jar has aromas of dank hops with flavors of caramel, toffee, and flan all coming in the forefront, finishing with a dry, hoppy bitterness.

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