Collaborations Are For Lovers

Brewed by: Stillwater Artisanal

- ABV: 16% -

- IBU: N/A -

- Alex Rating: 95 -

- Ryan Rating: 92 -

- Jared Rating: 96 -

- FDB Rating: 94 -

Straight from their website, Stillwater Artisanal was started in 2010 and is the brainchild of Baltimore native Brian Strumke, whose past life as an internationally renowned electronica DJ and producer strangely led him down a path to crafting some of the world’s most unique and highest rated beers. And now, in 2018 Stillwater Artisanal still stands tall. Collaborations Are For Lovers hits you hard with coffee flavor. Following this, mango flavors can be subtly noted while the vanilla notes add a nice sweetness to the drink. All these flavors coming together do a great job of hiding the high 16% ABV.

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