• ABV: 10%

  • IBUs: NA

  • FDB Rating: 94


Brewed By: Weyerbacher Brewing Company

Riserva by Weyerbacher Brewing Company is a seasonal Sour Ale based out of Easton, Pennsylvania.  The brew is fermented with red raspberries and lactic acid bacteria to give it a unique fruity taste and aroma. This beer is aged for over a year in oak barrels with the raspberries to give it a strong fruity aroma, a soothing red color, and some oak characteristics.


Every batch of this beer is sure to be different than the year before, so be sure to try it every chance you get. On the show, we compared it to Kombucha. It is a well rounded Ale that packs a punch with its 10% ABV. Definitely worth a try! 

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