• ABV: 5.5%

  • IBUs: 10.8

  • FDB Rating: 84

Shower Beer

Brewed By: Solarc Brewing 

After a few years of homebrewing and experimenting, Saul Alpert-Abrams and Archie Carey founded Solarc Brewing in 2015. Solarc’s founders focused largely on the creativity that went into brewing medieval beers, resulting in Solarc’s heavy emphasis on “gruit,” a hopless beer that uses traditional and unique ingredients as bittering agents. Although their home base is in Highland Park, they rent space in multiple breweries around Los Angeles experimenting with different methods until they find a more permanent space for Solarc. Shower Beer like none other that you’ve ever tasted. This blonde ale has flavors of smoked tea, followed by a milky sweetness. The aroma of coffee is a lot stronger than the taste of it, but the flavor is still there. It’s weird, and we love it!

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